Schizophrenia and Antipsychotics: Part 2

In our second installment from Adrian Dutkiewicz, he discusses the next wave of treatment and an updated view of schizophrenia.  Adrian writes: The Second Generation In 1971 the Swiss chemical research company Wander and a group led by Hans Hippius developed the new drug clozapine (Clozaril™), which had been invented as an anti-depressant (antidepressant pharmacology … More Schizophrenia and Antipsychotics: Part 2

Schizophrenia and Antipsychotics: Part 1

In a 3-part series, Adrian Dutkiewicz introduces us to a brief history of schizophrenia and the interesting road pharmacology has taken in the course of treating psychosis.  Adrian writes: Pharmacological treatments are sometimes perceived as being discovered from the top-down; health concerns are investigated, mechanisms identified, and then drugs designed. Usually, however, it’s the reverse … More Schizophrenia and Antipsychotics: Part 1